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Budgeting for Bunion Surgery - Expected Expenses and Factors

Date published: 2024-01-09

Approximately 30% of people develop a Bunion and may require surgical correction. If you do not have medical insurance then the fees would be collected directly from you.

Visit our pricing page to find out our pricing page for common bunion correction.

If you are interested in a finance option then the Weymouth Street Hospital has a finance option.

We will provide you with a quote following your X-rays and consultation with Mr Kaser Nazir, you can then discuss the finance option with the Weymouth Street Hospital.

Understanding bunion surgery:

Bunion surgery aims to correct deformities in your foot that develop because of a bony bump at the base of your big toe. Depending on the kind of bunion and how severe it happens to be, different surgical techniques are advised to correct it. Bunion surgery correction may include the minimally invasive bunion surgery or scarf and akin osteotomy.

Factors affecting costs:

Following your X-rays, Mr Kaser Nazir will be able to determine which surgery technique is most appropriate for you. Different surgeries have different pricing involved due to the complexity of the procedure and the types of fixations that may be required.


There are different surgeries that can be recommended depending on your particular bunion deformity. Our team will provide you with a quote following your consultation and finance options are available.