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Scarf and Akin Osteotomy

The Scarf and Akin Osteotomy is one of the most common bunion procedures carried out by bunion specialists.

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What are the benefits of the Scarf and Akin Osteotomy?

  • Restores foot mechanics
  • Allows for correction of small and moderate deformities
  • Low recurrence rate (2-5%)

What is the Scarf and Akin Osteotomy?

The Scarf and Akin procedure is used to correct small to moderate bunion deformities.

It allows early weight-bearing due to the stability of the specialised bone cuts and titanium screws used to fix the bone alignment in the new position.

This corrective bunion procedure is one of the most popular operations globally.

How is the minimally invasive bunion procedure performed?

Step one
Scarf and akin osteotomy step 1
Step two
Scarf and akin osteotomy step 2
Step three
Scarf and akin osteotomy step 3
Step four
Scarf and akin osteotomy step 4
Step five
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Scarf and Akin Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

At one week following the scarf and akin osteotomy you can do non-weight bearing exercises after one week, which would involve sit ups and crunches.

From six weeks following surgery you can use a static bike.

Running mostly to be commenced between 6 to 8 weeks depending on healing.

Driving can typically commence from six weeks if the right foot is operated via the scarf and akin osteotomy.

If you have had the surgery carried out on the left foot, then driving can commence in an automatic car from two weeks following surgery.

You should check with your insurer and should be able to do an emergency stop and be confident with it before taking on driving.

Following the scarf and akin osteotomy, the wound would have healed at approximately two weeks. At this stage you can get the foot wet.

However, as swimming fully immerses the foot in to water, it is advised from three weeks following surgery.