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Tailor's Bunion Correction

The osteotomy procedure is favoured by Mr Kaser Nazir to correct a Tailor`s Bunion.

Image of Mr Kaser Nazir carrying of bunionette surgery

What are the benefits of Tailors bunion osteotomy?

  • Restores foot mechanics
  • Allows excellent movement of the joint
  • Very low recurrence rate

What is a Tailor's Bunion?

A Tailor's bunion is a deformity that affects the fifth toe and metatarsal bone (bone of the ball of thre 5th toe).

The condition is often progressive if left untreated, it cannot be corrected without surgery. As the bump on the fifth toe gets larger it can cause pain from excessive friction against footwear.

The osteotomy procedure allows correction of the Tailor’s bunion with the use of two screw fixations.

How is the Tailor's bunion osteotomy performed?

Step one
Tailor's Bunion Osteotomy step 1
Step two
Tailor's bunion osteotomy step 2
Step three
Tailor's Bunion osteotomy step 3

Tailor's Bunion Osteotomy Timeline

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