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Scarf & Akin Bunionectomy – All You Need To Know

Date published: 2023-10-17

There are plenty of approaches to correcting bunions, here we will delve in to the scarf and akin osteotomy.

The scarf and akin bunion correction is a highly regarded technique carried out by foot and ankle specialists, as it provides stable and predictable outcomes.

What are the steps of the scarf bunionectomy?

Scarf bunionectomy needs to be approached as a specialized surgical procedure that involves several steps. The very first step of the process here involves the lateral release of the metatarsal-sesamoidal phalangeal complex. After that, you perform scarf first metatarsal osteotomy followed by medial soft tissue tightening, and then by akin phalangeal osteotomy.

What is such surgery intended for?

Scarf osteotomy is an open surgery for moderate to more severe painful bunions. Here the prominent bone is shaved and then realigned with the remaining bones. The main procedure is an osteotomy, where the matatarsal is cut, repairing the ligaments and the joint capsule. The result of such a process is a straighter hallux or big toe along. The scarf and akin surgery can provide a narrower foot.

The main aim behind such a procedure is to correct a big toe bunion. It is a joint deformity, which is located at the base of your big toe. While performing this procedure, the surgeon removes portions of the bone and aligns the bones of your toe and foot. After the procedure, you will be able to partially weight bear on the operated foot with the aid of a special post-operative shoe and crutches.

Preparation for the procedure

The surgeons start by administering anesthesia and then cleaning and sterilising the foot on which they will do the operation. After this, they make a short incision between the second and the first toes. Following this, they release the tight ligaments that have held the toe that is out of alignment. After this, they access the joint by making a small incision on the side of the concerned toe. This is done to expose the proximal phalanx and the first metatarsal.


By correcting the hallux valgus deformity through the scarf and akin osteotomy, you will find that your bunion bump has been removed, with a pain free and cosmetically pleasing result.

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